WHOLEFOODS HAUL – Healthy Vegan Meal Prep


Whole foods haul with Lottie and Kirsten – followed by healthy vegan meal prep. Hope you enjoy this video! ~Plant Based News

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  1. LOVED this video! Even more cool that I got to meet and hang out with the three of you for a little at EDV. This was super helpful and I can't wait to try these recipes for meal prepping! 🙂

  2. 'Wholefoods haul' – comes back with all kinds of processed crap.

    Btw, those vegetables and fruits you bought are not vegan.

  3. This can all be divided nicely into 3 meals with the addition of some 20 grams animal protein at each. Otherwise there's not enough protein here to feed a dog. No wonder so many vegans have spaghetti arms. Anyway, when animal protein's included, there's no worries about the how, when n why. Vegan meals are the most limited bcz they gotta cz they gotta have a bucketfull-o-beans n broccoli everyday. Where's the diversity in that? I can have sugar free cream cheese Jello or coconut milk jello.You? "More beans please"

  4. Usually the ethnic sections (like Asian Mexican, etc) have really cheap bags of beans,lentils, rice, Etc. Sometimes the bulk bins are more expensive than the bags of food. Just be sure to rinse them off before you cook them. Don't forget about the canned beans and sauces, and frozen fruit/veg. They're quite affordable also. Great video!!

  5. But that’s $93 for one person I have five people in my family so that’s like $500 a week in groceries

  6. Tempeh and natto are probably better than tofu. In japan, the high fiber byproduct of making tofu is called okara and okara is used in japan cuisine. I have tried buying both fresh tofu and fresh okara from a nearby japan grocery. For oats, the least processed is probably oat groats. Instead of hummus, just soak and boil your own chickpea (garbanzo). Whole foods also sells sprouted garbanzo that is ready to eat. High calcium greens are kale, collard, turnip greens, bok choy and mustard greens.

  7. Probably cheaper to shop at costco. The first things to buy at costco are unrefined cheap staple foods like whole grains (steel cut oats, quinoa) and tubers (potato, sweet potato). Costco business center and its website sells in bulk (25 lb) black bean, red bean, garbanzo (chickpea), pinto bean, lentil, mayocoba bean (canary bean, peruvian bean). Soak the beans overnight and they can be boiled in 20 minutes so no need to buy a pressure cooker. Pressure cooker could be a source of micro plastics and chemicals bec of the rubber seal on the lid. Lentils will cook fast even if not soaked overnight. Can get enough protein by eating unrefined cheap staple foods and some vegetables. Costco sells lots of fresh greens and vegetables (also frozen vegetables). High calcium greens are kale, collard, mustard greens, turnip greens and bok choy. Can just pour boiled food over greens to avoid the need to buy salad dressings. If reducing or eliminating animal products (all animal products have 0 fiber), can buy the costco vitamin b12 supplement (cyanocobalamin is slightly cheaper than methylcobalamin). For iodine, can buy some dried seaweed in bulk from mountainroseherbs com. If concerned about omega 3 epa/dha, can buy some costco sardines with bones (throw away the oil which is a refined substance). Sardines with bones will have calcium, epa/dha omega 3, some vitamin d, some iodine, etc. For ALA omega 3, can buy chia seed (can also buy flax seed powder from trader joe's or perilla seed powder from korean store). Most people can convert ala omega 3 to epa/dha omega 3 which is also what sheep do. Can get vitamin d from sunshine and or buy a vitamin d supplement from costco. There are brands of mushrooms with vitamin d. To avoid the need for sweeteners or salt, can eat boiled sweet potato as the staple food. To make boiled whole grains more palatable, can go with sweet by buying some fruits like berries. To make boiled grains more palatable, can go with salty and buy some tomato paste, mustard, soy sauce, vinegar, onion, garlic, turmeric, cassia cinnamon, no salt seasoning, worcestershire sauce (not vegan bec has anchovies), etc. Can buy cloves, ginger, habanero powder, annatto powder (has vitamin A), lemon peel powder (vitamin c), amla powder (vitamin c), triphala powder (vitamin c), etc. from mountainroseherbs com. If want more selenium, can buy some fresh mushrooms or dried mushrooms. If having a hard time getting iron or zinc from unrefined vegan foods, can buy some oyster, clam and mussel. If want more b vitamins (also chromium) can order online Twinlab brewers yeast.

  8. For unrefined vegan diet with b12, to avoid deficiencies, can read: https://www.eatrightpro.org/practice/position-and-practice-papers/position-papers/vegetarian-diets

  9. Healthy eating pattern is cheap unrefined staple food + some vegetables + b12 supplement. Aside from whole grains, other possible cheap unrefined staple foods are winter squash (can also eat the seeds), unripe plantain, roots like sweet potato, potato, cassava, yam (dioscorea), taro, parsnip, sunchoke, celeriac (celery root), rutabaga, burdock, jicama. Some groups like in India use legumes like beans, peas and lentils as staple foods.

  10. $93!!!!!!! The price of food in America truly is shocking I could get there exact same for around £30 in the U.K.

  11. No one is happy with Amazon/Whole Foods who have now removed all GMO labeling. So where are we going to get our non-GMO organic food now? I'd like to say our garden, but some places that illegal.

  12. Love this! More of these please! I've been vegan for 2 years and I want to eat oil free food so I love this.

  13. If you really want to encourage people to be vegan the last thing you should be doing is going to Wholefoods of all places to do shopping especially for bulk cooking. Even I don’t go there as an average shop is ridiculously expensive. You should go to Asian supermarkets where rice, lentils and beans are sold on bigger packs for far cheaper, and vegetables are much cheaper too. You would save a ton and demonstrator how cheap it is to buy plant based whole foods. Even a pack of rice is stupidly priced in Wholefoods. I don’t think this helps the vegan movement.

  14. Loved the video, but not the advertisement for Kite Hill. It was a perfect example of the difference between WFPB and vegan though!

  15. OMG love you guys!! Aren't Lottie & Kerstin just the best. I loved staying with them in San Diego… the most amazing hostesses!!

    Miss you soooo much xxx

  16. what recipe did you use for those lentils? trying to make this meal prep for the following week, and they look delicious!

  17. Just so you know- breast milk which grows a baby quickly is only 2.5 % protein. My son doubled his weight in 6 weeks.

  18. The amount of plastic packaging is still disturbing. Single use of these containers is killing the earth too. I can’t say I’m not guilty, manufacturers need to stay away from plastic packaging as much as possible.

  19. Healthy Vegan Food Prep in 3 Easy Steps:
    – Buy organic fruits and vegetables
    – Wash and cook organic fruits and vegetables
    – Eat organic fruits and vegetables

  20. i miss whole foods so much, i used to live near one and it was the best place ever. I now live in the midwest and the nearest Whole Foods is over 10hrs away. Im so sad lol

  21. Ok newbies, this is how you overthink protein, make meal planning labor intensive, and kid yourself that this can be done for $7/day (not even, especially not at Whole Foods). But it's good to know what's going on out there.


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