What Exactly Is the Trim Healthy Mama Diet?


What Exactly Is the Trim Healthy Mama Diet?:

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Trim Healthy Mama authors Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison | Facebook If you spend any time on social media these days, you’ve likely heard of Trim Healthy Mama. With two books (a long and a short version of the plan), a series of cookbooks, and plan-branded food products, the Trim Healthy Mama way of life has been taking the internet by storm. Although the authors (sisters Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison) insist the plan is not just for mothers, it has been embraced mostly by women, who have flocked to its Facebook page to share testimonials of success, to Pinterest for its recipes, and to online message boards offering support and success stories to those newly starting out. Jenne Page is one of those women who has been eager to share her successful Trim Healthy Mama (THM) weight loss journey with anyone who’s interested. In fact, not only does she credit the plan with helping her lose weight, she insists it’s the reason she was able to get pregnant with her second baby after four years of trying. “I’ve tried numerous diets my whole life and this is the one I felt the most successful at,” Page told Healthline. “I felt like it helped me to manage my PCOS [polycystic ovary syndrome]. I truly feel the THM plan helped me get pregnant. It was a piece of the puzzle.” She’s not alone in believing the THM plan helped to manage her PCOS (a hormone-driven condition). In fact, there was an entire thread on this topic on the Facebook page in 2017 — with plenty of mamas weighing in that they’d found similar success. How the plan works The plan is geared toward reducing insulin spikes. The main “rules” look like this: Eat every three hours.Separate fats and carbs, which the authors refer to as “fuel sources.” You can eat both — but never in the same meal.Cut out all added sugars.Keep carb sources to fruits and vegetables, or sprouted or sourdough bread, which the plan authors say are less likely to spike insulin. Healthline reached out to Miranda Willetts, a registered dietitian nutritionist (RD, LDN) who helps clients through her private practice, Well-Nourished, with questions about how some of these rules might be beneficial. In regards to the claims about reducing blood sugar spikes, she explained, “Both sprouted and sourdough bread are low glycemic foods and would be less likely to cause insulin spikes than a white, refined bread. But it would depend on what they ate the bread with and how much bread they had.” In regards to the rest, she explained, “I am not familiar with any scientific evidence that supports their claim that feeding the body two fuel sources at once can stall weight loss. Based on the amount of success stories out there, it sounds like there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that supports their program. But based on what I know, I would imagine the weight loss effects that are seen are due to increased awareness/mindfulness around hunger/satiety cues and food choices, as well as being involved in a community that offers guidance, s
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