Is a plant based keto diet healthy? I asked Dr. Joel Kahn, a leading cardiologist about this.

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  1. I've found out that adding food such as fruit like apples & oranges to my diet promotes weight loss because they are low on the glycemic index meaning that glucose is released into the cells of the body more slowly.

    What I mean is it's better than eating say a lot of candy,sweet soft drink, doughnuts, etc which is high on the glycemic index meaning that you only feel full & energetic in the short term.

    Then in the long term,you hit that low then get a sugar craving,your body needs to work out what to do with the sudden hit of glucose, the liver needs to convert it into glycogen meaning it gets stored on the body as fat.

    Eating fruit which is low on the glycemic index & contains pectin has promoted a feeling of fullness for longer & has regulated the release of glucose into the body,that is also due to the fibre content in a lot of the fruit ,bread & cereal that I eat.

    So,I haven't focussed on cutting out just carbohydrates in the body,rather to eat more complex carbohydrates.

    I have lost 22 kilograms in the last month & I feel much more energetic.

  2. I confess to never having heard of a plant-based keto diet before as I don't need to diet. But what Dr. Joel Kahn said is not at all surprising–it's what we expect from a plant based diet.

  3. Vegan diet is in fashion but there is no evidence of health benefits to veganism its all lies invented by animal rights groups.

  4. Animal protein and dairy is full of growth promoters and other big Pharma chemicals. Milk is full of oestrogen and pus.

  5. ….. so why the hell would someone switch to a plant based diet when there are only 2 examples of vegan diets and having the longest life….. especially when the okinowa one isn't truthful as there are many there that ate minimal meat before. And the one that the is the 7th day whatever they are…. that's to small off a group. Show me 3rd generation vegans and look at their health… and I talking true 3rd generations. Not a single one as far as I am aware of. Just because this doctor hasn't searched and done the research on the animal based products….. and why would he, is a plant based doctor. Everyone has bias

  6. Vegan = high whole grain carb diet, low fat. Isn’t this where majority people are now but just no sugar. Don’t you know whole grain becomes sugar once it’s in the stomach anyway. Fruits have tons of sugar. Wait, it has fiber myth. Sorry, vegan doesn’t work for long term for people who have stubborn metabolism. You might lose few lbs cause you just switch from eating junk to fruits and you lost all water weight but not really fat.

  7. A "leading cardiologist." What is that, exactly? Always fascinates me how these adjectives are used.

    In fact, the science behind a well-formulated ketogenic diet is quite solid and growing every day. You can keep the epidemiological studies the their invalid conclusions all day. I will go with the basic science and well-controlled clinical interventional studies that demonstrate pretty clearly that a low carb high fat (moderate protein 15-20%) diet lowers cardiac risk markers (serum glucose, Hgb A1c, triglycerides, Lp(a), LDL particle number, and increases HDL and metabolic rate. Ketones downregulate histone deacetylase- thereby decreasing the cancer risk.

    The low carb high fat diet is the diet of the future. It will increasingly become the key to longevity. And we will be laughing at these fearnmongers and their hysteria.

    People in America have lowered their fat intake and increased their carbohydrate intake since 1980 when the dietary guidelines were published. And what has happened. Umm- the obesity epidemic and the plague of type II diabetes.

    Eating carbs increases serum saturated fatty acid levels. In the setting of a low-carb diet, a meal high in fat does not increase serum fatty acids, including saturated fatty acids. You guys are missing a significant disconnect between dietary saturated fat and serum saturated fat.

  8. The meat industry will do anything to promote their product. No matter how much news and facts we get her meat and dairy cause cancer diabetes heart attack stroke high blood pressure overweight and other diseases, the meat and dairy industry will try new ways of advertising or promoting their product. Maybe they should start getting into plant based businesses.

  9. It's amazing how every time I watch a video on a vegan youtube channel I get an ad for some keto diet supplement. You can't do the keto diet without supplements apparently. Anyways, I always let them play for at least a minute while I turn off the sound and go do something else for a bit.Such nonsense.

  10. Did I hear Dr. Kahn recommended olive oil to up the fat? I understand all oils should be minimised because of their effect on the vascular system.

  11. I extended my telomeres by 17 years beyond my calendar age. I'm a 95% vegan starchivore. Test your telomere length before and after your chosen diets….the diet wars will come to an end once and for all.

  12. I can tell you from Esselstyn MD work Vegan keto is not better than low fat whole food plant based. For many people if they were to eat this way even plant based would end up with stents, bypass or even worse. Get your blood work checked frequently and then you will know what way of eating is tolerable and healthful. My blood for instance shows higher fat, higher risk for heart disease. Even things like dark chocolate and peanut butter are problematic.

  13. Deferring to “government support “ sure doesn’t strengthen this already weak position. Not to mention a ketogenic protocol is NOT high fat/high protein. This vid is pretty much a loser top to bottom. An emaciated argument and a real lack of informed objectivity.

  14. There is also no long term multi generational evidence of any civilisation thriving on soley a plant based diet. The only long term study is the Seventh Day Adventist covering less than 1 generation. I am wholefood plant based but this is a fact. Keto and Paleo are easy to research and critique, the book "debunking the paleo diet" is a great example The standard western diet is appalling so clearly a movement to plant based will show great benefits. We don't need all these experts to tell us that, 5 minutes research tells us that….it is the excess in meat and processed food that is causing the illness epidemic closely linked to lack of exercise and stress being a major factor in modern illnesses. I believe that we should all eat plant based but we are a living experiment. Many long term diet related health issues manifest after many years of consumption of the wrong things or not enough of the right things. I also do not except that small amounts of lean meat occasionally in any well balanced diet would so any harm and there is plenty of evidence to say it can be very good for us. I am clearly avoiding the ethical points here. The facts still remains that the longest living significant population country on the planet is Japan at life expectancy of 83.7 (Japan is ranked 2nd in the world behind Hong Kong at 84 years , but Hong Kong only has a population of 7.5m v 127m in Japan), Japan is one of the highest consumers of fish and meat but also highly vegetable dense and rice being a key staple. This number is not skewed by the Okinawa diet as this is only around 1% of the total Japanese population, and the Okinawan still eat a very small amount of fish. I stress I am plant based I am also highly educated in medicine and nutrition from a professional perspective, I simply try to balance the opinions. The Vegan movement needs to be aware that when it grows to a point of creating state financial issues, the powers that are in control will use their power and media control to discredit veganism. For all the haters that will disagree, Do some independent non bias vegan view research and please accept this is supporting comments. Final point is that any doctor that supports consuming oil needs to be challenged this is becoming a massive evidence supported danger.

  15. This keto fad is spreading. It's everywhere…Everyone I know seems to think carbs are the devil. I'm not big into conspiracy theories but it's almost like some kind of population control tactic. I'll stick to my yams and beans and greens

  16. Have you ever noticed that the vegan "experts" scientific commentary is always brief, emotional and lacking in meatiness (sorry couldn't help myself.) What I mean is there's usually no real substance to their arguments and the statements they make tend to be "self-evident truths" for which no data needs to be provided. Vegans.. with all due respect go listen to the experts on the other side of this debate like I listen to your "experts" and tell me if there's no truth to what I'm saying.

  17. There is one incredible reason why I think the Ketogenic diet is different from any other I've encountered: By exploring the Keto diet, you end up understanding how the body functions and relates to macronutrients. Keto has everything to do with insulin levels. The fact that you use ketones as fuel is due to low insulin levels, due to low amounts of glucose in the blood, due to eating less high glycemic carbs and or intermittent fasting. This is going to be the case whether you're vegan or not. For those that are meat eaters, they end up eating a lot less meat when on Keto since it's not a protein free for all like other diets.

  18. I've been triathlon training for a few months; during training I tried vegan keto for 6 weeks, then went back to my usual high carb WFPB. Keto wasn't sustainable, I was so tired even though I was getting more calories from oil, avocados, tons of nuts, etc. High carb hands down delivers the best performance and quality of life for me. I also throw a decent amount of nuts & seeds in there, so the fat definitely isn't low either. But NO OYUL! Lol

  19. Such Fire and Fury here in the vid and in the comments! For myself, I'm just gonna concentrate on cutting out the sugar and upping my colorful veggies. That's enough in my complicated life right now…

  20. The 'Healthy crazy cool' vegan chhannel tried out WHOLE food vegan keto for 3 weeks recently. It's interesting to watch!

  21. Hey, I live in the mediterranean and before I switched to veganism my diet was ridiculously high in fat.
    Now that I have incorporated more fats(as non proccesed as possible) on my plate I noticed a quite big boost in overall energy levels.
    Great work PBN!

  22. I have done both vegan and plant based Keto and now I am switching back to grass fed animal protein in moderation and high in vegetables Keto. Sorry…but my body feels and beginning to see more results strength wise and I am getting leaner with more energy. I am not a sheep. I am not blinded by the nonsense people try to say what is best for my body. People stay awake and do what is best for your body. EXPERIMENT with your food intake and let YOUR body tell you what is best for you. All these organizations in any field always have hidden agendas. The macros that works best for me is…
    70% or higher Fats
    25% or lower Pro
    5% or lower in Carbs.
    The body is the TRUE expert.

  23. less than 3 minutes in, he was already flat out lying. Thousands of years, primal cultures survived, WITHOUT diabetes, heart attack etc… it wasn't until refined sugars. flours etc came along that they became obese and sick… in fact, the factory farms vegans hate exist only because of monoculture farming which is destroying the earth faster than anything else. A purely raw vegan diet may be great, but not sustainable in most of the world where grasses/grains and grazing animals take up the bulk of it… either grow grains to eat or hunt/kill the animals but avocados, cocnuts, dates. bananas etc isn't going to grow in most places… face it, the world is diverse, climates are diverse and our diets are too… not everyone should support importing tropical fruits, nor should everyone consume grains/meat… balance is sorely lacking today.

  24. I recently started doing the vegan version of the ketogenic lifestyle (was already vegan before of course;)) & trying to learn as much as possible about it. Thanks for sharing this bit!! Like your channel watching more and more of your videos:)


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