Superbowl Food Showdown UK vs US, LIVE With UK Correspondent Horatio!


Horatio’s Cooking Videos:

Cookery Corner: It’s a Mystery

Meat & Veg Pies

Mini Pizzas Part 1

Mini Pizzas Part 2

Sean and Tracy’s Rootbeer Float Video!

Skyline Chili Recipe:

Yorkshire Pudding Recipe:

American Biscuit Recipe:

American Sausage Gravy Recipe:

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  1. My new favorite movie, hobnobs rule , mince meat first , ground meat after the grinder was made. Love the culture exchange ,can't stop laughing ,more later

  2. Best man size biscuts.
    Self rising flour crisco shortening,buttermilk.rooll and cut inch high put on sheet close together.Let rise up some then bake.Perfect fluffy biscutss. 🙂 I LL stick with although they do look tempting to try.Im with him I hate small cups you have to return to many times to poor more.lolI wish my girls was home now we would be making up something together and having a flour fight.Im going to start one next time.

  3. A friend of mine in N.C. used to make a chilli like that but added a little cut potatos to it and she baked it in the oven with cheddar cheese on top.It was so good.Try it that way to.

  4. Must watch again and talk you ladies into making cheese its realy easy I saw ruth goodman make cheese from sheep's milk ,cow and goat milk the natural 400yr old way. Biscuits cookies or crackers don't just hold in tea ,dipping helps in timing them , more later ,god bless

  5. Love Bargs my youth I made Mayonnaise and Horseradish potatoe chip dip… my mother ate horseradish and cornbeef. I 💖 M.E.A.T.L.O.A.F 💖 my friend would eat a canned string cheese alone no chips, no crackers. Hamburger helper makes the bread soggy. ((NO SONG?)) Not the end I expected ((I wanted a English song)) like "Feed the Birds, Toppins a bag"…

  6. you have to eat yorkshires and toad in the hole whiles its still hot, where i grew up locals call a breadroll a "batch" its regional thing.

  7. We dont have real sauerkraut in the UK its pasteurized, do you have brown sauce thats awesome on bacon sandwich, we dont call them hamburgers there beef burgers as they made from cow not pigs:P

  8. Hello ladies there a youtuber out there that goes by the truthful channel she from Canada her father pass there of a hart attack he worked all his life some in the army the family has found themselves in were they can't pay for the funeral and he's in the mouge she set up a go fund me could you watch one of her videos and share the go fund me link with your followers on social media please thanks for reading

  9. Hello ladies how was that salad cream I told you it was awful lol. On a side note loved the fact there was a bit of Wallace and gromit in this video


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