Sirloin Steak Tacos in Real Mexico.


Finding the best taco culture in real Mexico. I found these in Tequisquiapan and they were amazing.


  1. Ate 4 amazing asada tacos today in good ole Commiefornia. They spent the next 20 mins pissin out my asshoe.. me done with taco stands.

  2. I’m sorry you left the US but I do understand why you did. I actually looked into getting a house there once I saw how well a retired American can live in Mexico. If you have a site you can recommend to me please do. I like the weather, the people and the food and the cost of living in Mexico. 👍

  3. OMG that looked good before you put all that crap on it. I would maybe go with spinach shredded carrots and sunflower kernels

  4. When I first started seeing your videos I was wondering your opinion about Hispanic people. I was wondering if you were some somehow racist like a lot of USA people. Now I see you in Mexico and talking about how great our country is and not like most people think. If we are in USA it’s because we want a better life ( Economically) but like Mexico there is not place. God bless you and your family my friend.

  5. Mexico is awesome! I love your work! But beef is a type 2 carcinagen. Its literally the same as aspestus and cigarettes. In the us and mexico everyone thinks the rich people eat meat and poor people eat beans. Nothing could be more wrong! Mexico is a paradise for plant based food. Eating dead animals and puss will kill you. Please do the research!

  6. Glad to see that you are enjoying Mexico and eating steak Tacos. I'll have to visit their one day. How is baby Swan liking it in Mexico? That one video of that face she made was priceless.

  7. i just saw a video of two joksters saying they had coke in the back of the trunk to Mexican cops and the amount of corruption they caught on that video from the Mexican cops was amazing the cops said 300 to leave and we'll only take half the cocaine when they didn't realize it was the soda coke, and then in the end of the video the cops try to convince the kids to let the cops drive them some place in their personal car and the kids were like no no its fine its fine and then finally just drove away everyone thinks the cops were going to kill them or steal there car so to say American cops are more corrupt than Mexican cops is a joke and to say mexico is better than the US is a joke, i can go to my nearest authentic Mexican restaurant and get the same tacos without the worry of cartel troubles lol


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