Jesse Watters Eats A Steak In Front Of A Feminist Vegan




  1. This person is teaching our kids. That person thinks steak is bad for you and increases "toxic masculinity" think about that

  2. This entire interview was cringy af and poorly executed & neither interviewer or interviewee made one solid point

  3. This women lives in fairytale land lol killing is part of nature. He is taking more then his far share because he works and can buy a steak? Be gone thot

  4. To be honest she does have a point. When an earthquake comes and causes the roof to land and splatter splatter this man's Childs brains out it could be thought of his nature returning the favor.

  5. What's his problem? Why does he feel the need to taunt her? Goes to show how insecure he is he honestly is backing up his lifestyle with taunting and cruelty it shows who he really is

  6. What's funny is most feminists support body positivity/obesity. I want to see them cannibalize each other.

  7. Universal healthcare for animals… UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE FOR ANIMALS… U N I V E R S A L H E A L T H C A R E F O R A N I M A L S

  8. idk about the meat/patriachy thing, but it's been said there are great health benefits to a vegan diet.

  9. Yea….super disrespectful of other peoples views. He honestly did not care why she was there at all. This was all for show.

  10. This is just ridiculous, rude, and embarrassing. So much disrespect to the guest on the show. It doesn't matter who and what they represent. Common decency and respect should be shown to people with all perspectives, including those you don't agree with. Fox is such a joke.

  11. Ok, I guess shes doing the wrong thing because she buys vegetables in the store and has been pulled out by someone else.

    The pulling is on someone else not her shes done sin 😂

  12. Logic of a feminist…yeah if you could stop being a male, and start acting like a soyboy…yeah that would be greeeaaat.🙄

  13. Its okay if you want to disagree with her, im vegan myself. However, this kind of interview doesnt help either side. Engage in dialogue and see how productive the outcome could be. Bringing a guest on just to totally discredit their message for the sake of pride just comes off as arrogant/ignorant. How can people expect positive change if no one will listen and engage in civilized, professional dialogue?


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