How the Campbell Soup Company Fell Off Its Perch | CNBC


The Campbell Soup Company has been a family business since its start in the late 1800’s. Now, amid drops in sales and its share price, the soup giant’s heirs are facing pressure to sell their stakes in the company.

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How the Campbell Soup Company Fell Off Its Perch | CNBC


  1. The "I'm your Father" commercial is why we stopped buying Campbell's products. Best way to send a message to companies that go against your own views is with your wallet.

  2. U missed the BIGGEST reason: SALT Content. Holy Tomali! 29% daily serving. If you like high blood pressure. Go for it! Yes, BPAs are still being used inside cans. Need I to go on?

  3. I like how they blamed millenials for the soup decline. How about blaming the fact that the soup is heavily processed and full of sodium and more people are conscious about those facts these days. Personally I find more people in my age group choosing to learn how to cook from scratch rather that buy something premade.

  4. People still eat this? I don’t even use those add water cup soups/ramens. I just make my own it’s really not hard 😂

  5. I don’t eat Campbell’s bc 1- high sodium 2- I’m vegan and many of their soups aren’t (I’m sure none are actually) 3- bpa lining 4-not organic 5- they just taste awful 6-it’s just a bunch of crap inside. And yup, I’m a millennial

  6. Holy crap the narrator's high-pitched voice is ear piercing. The annoying over-pronounced annunciation doesn't help either.

  7. Stopped buying a lot of Campbell soup products when they started adding MSG to their ingredients list on many of the main products.

  8. I wouldn't mind if they did 80-90% less sodium in all their soups, I mean couldn't you just add salt to your preference? 😛

  9. Way too much sodium. I won’t even touch something canned. I feel the majority of everyone I know is the same way? The public is much more informed these days.

  10. It is my opinion that Campbell Soup was over when they let some government agency bully them to stop selling Green Turtle Soup. They never recovered.

  11. Campbell soup will become popular again when we have a nuclear war, it will only be the available food not effected by radiation.

  12. If they would sell what they sold in the 50s it would still be on top. The quality has declined as costs were cut. It doesnt even have whole vegetables or meat in it anymore. Its all just pasty junk. Goodbye Campbells =/


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