Fleming`s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar


Fleming`s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is the ultimate steakhouse destination for food and wine lovers seeking a stylish, lively and memorable dining experience

• Fleming`s offers an engaging ambiance and lively environment, where Guests can enjoy great food and a broad selection of fine wine, which is further complemented by attentive and knowledgeable service.

Talking Points
• Fleming`s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar was founded on the premise that a steakhouse can be sophisticated, yet comfortable. Fleming`s offers an engaging ambiance and lively environment where one can enjoy great food and fine wine, which is further complemented by attentive and knowledgeable service.
• At Fleming`s, a steak is never just a steak. We offer the finest USDA Prime beef broiled at 1,600 degrees or iron crusted. Elevate your steak experience with indulgent Steak Companions or one of our Classic Rubs.
• The perfect piece of meat needs to be cooked just right to the liking for the guest.
• Make sure you have a thermometer to understand the exact temperature of the center. Medium rare is 111-120 degrees and medium well is 131-140 degrees.
• Chef will talk about the difference from filet mignon, ribeye, New York strip, etc.
• The right side dishes complete the meal. A starch and vegetable are two perfect options to fill a plate.
Father`s Day Talking Points
• On Father`s Day, June 17, Fleming`s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar will be celebrating with a special three-course menu featuring the 35 oz. Prime Tomahawk—a steak as legendary as Dad himself!
o This is our most flavorful steak with abundant marbling served with choice of three signature butters
 Bearnaise Butter: Decadent with a pop of brightness and floral notes from the Tarragon
 Smoked Chile Butter: Made with Italian Calabrian Chile, this butter accents the steak with a bold, spicy and smoky flavor
 Horseradish Herb Butter: The horseradish combined with fresh herbs results in a vivid green color adding a beautiful fresh cue to the plate
• Dad can also enjoy a premium bourbon tasting experience of Basil Hayden`s, Buffalo Trace & Knob Creek throughout the weekend.
• Is dad an early riser? Fleming`s will also be opening early at 10AM to celebrate dad with a three-course brunch menu, featuring delicious classics like Fleming`s Steak & Egg Scramble, featuring sliced filet mignon, blistered tomatoes and caramelized onions, served with a scramble of farm fresh eggs and vegetables.
• For those looking to enjoy their dinner favorites, the main menu will also be available all day. Visit FlemingsSteakhouse.com to make your Father`s Day reservation today.

Chef Features Talking Points: Each restaurant`s chef has the liberty of creating their own local features which can vary monthly, daily or weekly. The below are a few dishes available only at our restaurant:
Bone-In Ribeye
• Bone-in ribeye
• Salt and pepper
• Steak butter
• Parsley

• Season both sides of steak with Salt & Pepper
• Cook in broiler to the desired temperature, let steak rest 4-5 minutes
• Insert thermometer vertically into center of the steak to confirm proper holding temperature
• Re-heat steak in the broiler for 45 seconds
• Top with Steak Butter
• Garnish plate with chopped Parsley

Fleming`s Potatoes
• Jalapenos, Minced
• Leeks, White Part Only 1/2′ Dice
• Butter
• Garlic, Minced
• Kosher Salt
• Black Pepper
• Heavy Cream
• Half & Half
• Cheddar Cheese, 3/16′ Grated
• Jack Cheese, 3/16′ Grated
• Potato, Idaho 50 Ct. 1/16′ Slice
• Pan spray

• Remove seeds and stems from Jalapenos and mince
• Cut ends off Leeks, cut white part only into 1/2′ dice
• Place Butter in large sauce pot set over medium high heat
• Add Jalapenos, Leeks, Garlic, Salt and Pepper
• Sauté 5-6 minutes to lightly caramelize
• Add Cream and Half & Half then bring to simmer
• Remove from heat add 12 oz of both grated Cheeses and blend in thoroughly
• Wash Potatoes then cut 1/16″ thick slices with skin on using Hobart slicer
• Combine Potatoes and Cream mixture in mixing bowl
• Spray sides and bottoms of 2″ hotel pans with Pan spray
• Evenly distribute potato mixture in hotel pan
• Cover with plastic wrap and aluminum foil
• Bake in 325°double convection oven low fan for 1 hour
• Remove plastic wrap and foil then cook an additional 15 minutes to lightly brown potatoes
• Remove pan from oven and evenly sprinkle 14 oz Cheddar Cheese over top, allow to melt


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