Campbell Soup CEO Leaves Suddenly as Company Struggles to Escape a 3-Year Sales Slump


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Martin Brodel
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  1. There is one market that will guarantee growth "for ever and ever"…the cancer market. Profits are huge for the cancer market as there is a guarantee that no cure will be allowed. 🙁

  2. Because Campbell soup is tasteless with nothing but preservatives in it. People are tired of eating shit food.

  3. It seems more like the Royal Family has done away with the ppl of England…and replaced them with Pakistanis.

  4. Another CEO resigning!!! Cleaning the swamp? We shall see. What does that make now, over 200 CEO resignations so far? after we were told to specifically watch for that happening?
    Putting poison soup into a poison can. Yeah, people don't want that crap anymore. People are starting to realize what they been putting into our food is very very bad. Evil intent…
    How difficult is it to make healthy soup? 🤔
    Have you seen the list of resigned CEO's yet?
    Wait till everything is exposed……😲

  5. Over priced, reduced the size of can an increased price. This is why I stopped buying the product. They are kin to my grandmother , I remember when she passed they showed up at the funeral an you could tell they had money. I was about 4 .

  6. Cam pbell soup has bought around its own problems, a few years back they removed a lot of the salt in their soups then they changed some of the ingredients for muslims would buy their soups also all the changes totally changed the taste of their soup not to mention the gmo grains they are using.

  7. I don't trust large corporations and I don't trust what they are putting in the soups. I will make my own soup because I know what's in it.

  8. Karl likes the soup, but most Libturds eat 4 for $1 snack ramen with hot faucet water in mom’s basement.

  9. The irony is that Harry was born from Captain James Hewitt (not a member of the Royal Family). So, this is not really a Royal wedding.

  10. Campbells quality is telling off on itself…failing sales now, they shouldn't have took the flavor out of their soups they make..take campbells soups made back in the 70s and 80s theu actually had flavor.


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